10 Things… The First 10

Published: 22/04/2010

10 Things… is an article I wrote last year. It was my first ever article and I didn’t know what to write on so I thought I’d cheat and just make a list of things and write in them. I wrote it last year so it’s a little outdated but it’s still good. I think 10 Things… (I’ve got to trademark that name!) is a really good idea so you can expect more 10 Things… in the future. By the way I’ve decide to call each item in the list “Things”.

So, here for your personal enjoyment is the very first 10 Things…

10 Things…

10 things making waves in the worlds of fashion, , Music, Technology and Current Affairs…

Skinny Ties – This slimmer take on the men’s staple has taken the fashion scene by storm. They’ve been around for a while -they’ve been on the runway for years- but they’ve never been worn as much as they are now in Nigeria. Europeans and Americans have been wrapping them around their necks for a few years now and Nigerians, always slow to adopt the untried and untested, have finally joined in on the trend, albeit en-masse. The trick to stand out from the crowd though, is to have yours thinner than anyone else’s. The common ones are about 5cm thick while the slimmer ones can be as thin as 3cm. They were quite popular in the sixties (watch Dirty Dancing or look at any picture of Cliff Richard in his heyday) and are now making a pretty large comeback.

Check Shirts
– These preppy shirts were probably the summer’s most worn style and are still going strong. there are different styles of checks e.g. gingham, plaid e.t.c. and they can be worn on much more than just shirts. For example, canvass shoes can be made out of check material. As can ties, hats, blazers and even trousers. And for the ladies, dresses and skirts. Celebrities as Mario, Keira Knightley and Young Jeezy have all got caught up in the check trend.

Current Affairs
The Credit Crunch
– The global market crash has become a hot topic recently. the phrase “…the worst economic crisis ever…” keeps popping out at me (especially on the newPus). It seems to be getting almost cliched to tell someone (jokingly or seriously) that you can’t afford something due to the credit crunch. Like it or not though, the credit crunch is here to stay (even though I remember being told that Nigeria wouldn’t be affected…) and sooner or later, we’re all going to have to tighten our belts in one way or another, no matter how invulnerable we think we are. So I say, ‘Hey, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it!’

Retro Glasses
– If check patterns were the most worn style this summer, then these retro glasses were a close second. These glasses are modernised versions of the Ray-Ban Wayfarers made popular by Audrey Hepburn in the classic film, “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. Stars like Kanye West, Vanessa Hudgens, the Jonas Brothers, Paris Hilton, Mario, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z among others have rocked these simple unisex accessories. Many designers have released versions of the glasses that can be got for cheaper than the Ray-Ban originals. Clear lensed versions of these glasses are also very popular, with a variety of different coloured frames, smashing through sunglasses’ reputation as outdoor/daytime-only accessories. Different varieties of aviator style glasses are also quite popular, especially in bright colours.

Power Phones
– What I call power phones are PDA-style phones. They don’t necessarily have to be PDA phones but just have to look cool enough! Phones with QWERTY keypads and/or touch screens fit this bill perfectly. Apple have made touch screen very popular with their iPhones (I say “iPhones” because they release a new one every few months, just after everyone’s finished buying the previoius one!) Samsung, along with every other phone-maker, has tried to cash in on the touch screen revolution (that Apple caused) with its “Tocco” range, the “Jet” and others while LG has got the “Cookie” and the “Viewty” range. LG has shaken things up a bit with the LG “Crystal”. This is a touch screen/keypad phone whose transparent (well, more translucent really) keypad doubles as a touch-sensitive track-pad similar to that of a laptop. Sony Ericsson’s touch offerings is the “Xperia” and the ”Satio” while Nokia has the “5800 Xpress Music” and the phenomenal “N97”. Samsung and LG however, have tried to make touch screen more affordable with their “Tocco Lite” and “Cookie” respectively which sell for roughly £100 (approximately ₦25,000) each though they don’t have as many features and their touch screens are not as responsive. Even Blackberry, the undisputed chief of the QWERTY keypad has got caught up in the touch screen palaver, releasing the Blackberry “Storm”. Some good QWERTY options are the Blackberry “Bold” and “Curve”, and the Nokia “E71”. As at now though, my favourite power phone is the Nokia “N97” which combines both a full QWERTY keypad and a touch screen.

– Dagrin originally captured our hearts with “Efi Mile” from his first album, “Still on the Matter” and has now dropped another bomb on us in the form of the album “CEO” (Chief Executive Omoita). His second album has had great reviews and as at now, “Kondo” and “Thank God” featuring Omawunmi are his most popular songs. Described as the 50 Cent of Yoruba music, Dapo Olaonipekun raps fluently in and out of Yoruba and has collaborated with hot Nigerian artists such as Lord of Ajasa, Omawunmi and J. Holiday. He was recently involved in a car accident but reports say he has is on the mend. Dagrin and Omawunmi can “”Thank God” for that!

High-waisted Skirts
– Lately, women’s skirts are being made to be worn higher up on the torso than they used to be (unlike men’s trousers which keep hanging lower and lower!) Style icons like Eva Longoria, Ciara and Gwyneth Paltrow have all been seduced by this trend that literally oozes style and sophistication. High-waisted skirts can be worn under dress shirts for a formal, mature look and can be worn under T shirts and casual tops for a more laid-back style (most of the time with the dress shirts, T shirts and tops tucked in). There are also variations of high-waisted trousers and jeans which can be worn in the same way as the skirts. The sections from the top of the skirt/trousers are usually adorned with things such as buttons, bows or embroidery to spice up the outfit.

– These mini laptops have been making waves in the business (and even the pleasure) world. Women are relishing their new-found ability to carry their laptpops in their handbags amd men are just glad not to have to lug ‘heavy machinery’ around because they want to go to work! The selling point of these compact computers (I’m trying to do an alliteration thing here ;D) is that they can do pretty much anything that a normal laptop can do, but in a smaller size. Their only shortcomings are their small screen and lack of CD-drive, but they’re fast becoming outdated anyway. The little laptops (more alliteration ;D) are bridging the gap between PDAs and computers and are the saving grace of those who want to carry their work around with them but find PDAs inadequate. With new advances in computing, there are becoming fewer and fewer reasons to buy a desktop computer everyday.

Desert Scarves
– Here’s yet another trend of which the majority of Nigerians have, until recently, remained woefully ignorant. The scarves (also known as ‘mufflers’ or ‘Arab scarves’) have trickled into popularity one by one until they’ve become the must-have accessory that they are now. To be honest though, they’re on their way out so try not to wear them all the time. Most Nigerians though, not wanting to let them go, wear them a lot so to stay ahead of the game, try pairing your desert scarves with matching clothes and accessories (hat, bracelets e.t.c.). Stars like Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrel Williams made this style popular in America and Nigerian celebrities like Sound Sultan, Rita Dominic and Tuface Idibia have done the same here.

Men’s Skinny Jeans
– The skinny jean trend is another one which Nigerians guys have ignored. Girls have been wearing them for ages. As have European and American men but only Nigerian men have left behind in the trend. Until now, only the bravest of us have dared to wear them. Well, no more! Nigerian guys are finally starting to give in. Now, there are different varieties of skinny jeans. There are slim jeans which don’t cling to your legs and are just cut thinner than normal jeans which Lil Wayne wears. Then there are skinny ones which are “body-hug” and fit around your, showing of your leg shape, often worn by the Jonas Brothers while some celebrities like British boy band, JLS have mastered the two types. The latest trend in skinny jeans however, is having them in bright colours such as red, purple, yellow, blue e.t.c.

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