Passing of a Legend


It’s official. Olayitan Olanipekun Oladapo, the undisputed king of Yoruba rap has passed on to glory. It would be a cliche to say how much he’ll be missed and how much he contributed to Nigerian music in his short life. It’s so sad that he was taken from us just as his career was blossoming. He wasn’t half as famous as he was going to be and he hadn’t given us half of what he would have. It’s a tribute to his greatness that in his short time on earth he was able to make such an impact. For all of you who saw him as your inspiration to keep going in music, don’t be discouraged. He did it and so can you. My sincerest commiserations go out to his friends and family; I know he’ll be sorely missed.

Life is fleeting. I think we should all use this incident as a reminder of that. Here was a young man full of life, taken from us after just twenty-three short years. What’s really sad about this is that this was going to be his year. He was just about to take off this year in ways we’d never seen. He’s been nominated for four Hip Hop World Awards and I’m sure he’ll be receiving them posthumously.
Let’s not mourn him but lets celebrate his life and his music. Lets remember the CEO as he was… a legend.
Good night DaGrin… you will always live on in your music.

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