Now that I’m getting into the swing of this whole “blogging” lark, I thought that I’d tell you some blogs that I follow that inspired me to start this one.

This blog is owned by Mark Indelicato who plays Justin Suarez on the (late) show Ugly Betty. It’s a fun blog to read and I love hearing about New York from an insiders point of view. I also love the heavilly punned name of the blog: “Marked Territory”… get it? his name’s Mark.. marked… It’s a good blog but Mark does tend to go on about Karlie Kloss (yeah, I have no idea who she is either!), Taylor Swift and his fellow Ugly Betty cast members. He also tends to vent his anger into posts where he gets back at all his “haters” every now and then and he can be a bit… hmmm… well should I say flambouyant?
On the whole though, it’s a good blog but not everyone will enjoy it. (Especially not haters!)

This is a fashion blog. It’s for men but they hav a sister blog for women’s fashion at is a really good fashion blog as it can appeal to all sorts of people. Someone who’s not interested in fashion could  just read it to get fashion tips and learn how to dress better.It’d be great for all of you trendy peeps out there!

This blog is incredibly funny but highly opinionated. You are almost certainly going to be insulted in one form or another but try to take it in good humour and you’ll enjoy the blog. It also has a video segment called Look At The Week In TV where the presesnter looks at the week in TV. This blog is more ‘techie’ than the other blogs in this article but it can appeal to those who (like me) have little (or no) interest in things described as ‘techie’.

This blog is about… well, it’s hard to say. It’s about anything really. It’s written by a young Nigerian called Mayowa and a couple of his friends. It’s kind of like a diary where he writes about random things. Makes good reading though.

This is another fashion blog for “urban” gentlemen. Kind of an American version of Fashion Beans, this blog has got some great style tips for men. It focuses more on black people than fashion beans as urban can mean “of African descent” for some reason. Though more focused on blacks, it’s not limited to them and all races can enjoy it. This is more fashion-centred than Fashion Beans so it will really only appeal to those interested in fashion

So, those are the blogs I read. By the way you can follow me on twitter at

2 thoughts on “Blogs!!

    1. Hey! I think you know ayotunde adegbola, riyt? well she’s my cousin and she directed me here when i was bored one day. you do sum gr8 stuff and it really inspired me to start my own blog. keep up the good work!
      p.s. I’m purposely not using cyber language because i know how much you hate it. Laugh Out Loud!

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