Quote me

I’ve though up a new section for this blog. It’s called “Quote me” and in it, I basically write down some quotes which I think are inspiring or clever or funny or whatever. I like this segment because doesn’t take long to write and because I don’t want this blog to just be full of inconsequential, shallow, entertainment-based fluff.

So, without much ado, let me introduce you to the first ever “Quote me”!

“You can’t stay young forever, but you can be immature for the rest of your life…”

I think this quote is quite funny though I don’t think we should take it in the literal sense. What I think the ‘quotee’ was trying to say is that even as we grow older, we should not always take things so seriously and we shouldn’t forget to have fun. Someone should write this on an office wall! (They’d probably get fired though and that’s not very fun!)

Thanks for reading, everyone. Hope you enjoyed our little sojourn into the profound. Expect more in the future.
Later, y’all.

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