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UPDATE: The information in this post was accurate at the time of writing, but as it was written quite a few years ago, is now almost certainly incorrect.

This post is only about Nigerian mobile internet service providers, so if you’re not in Nigeria, you might as well not waste your time reading it.

I recently bought a new SIM card in order to exploit Zain’s (or should I say Bharti’s) affordable internet bundles. I’ve been using MTN for the last 6 years but they really need to rethink their internet policy because the bundles that they’ve got now are seriously lacking. So as not to turn this article into a rant about bad internet bundles, I’ll write another one about which internet bundles to choose.

Anyway, setting up my Zain internet was a problem as, on the website, it said to text my phone model to them and I would receive the settings but as hard I tried, it wouldn’t work. I’ve got a Samsung GT-S5230 Tocco Lite and but texting “Samsung GT-S5230”, “Samsung GT S5230”, “Samsung GTS5230” or “Samsung Tocco Lite” only resulted in a text telling me that they didn’t have internet settings for my phone. In desperation, I texted “Samsung GTS 5230” and was rewarded with the settings, only to install them and find out that they didn’t work.

After that #epicfail (sorry – Twitter-speak), I decided to go to the website to look for the settings so I could put them in manually, but lo and behold, it wasn’t there. Not one to give up so easily, I Googled “Zain internet settings” and was met with a some settings that wouldn’t work on my phone. I continued trawling the net, looking for the settings. I Googled “Zain internet configuration” and other synonyms for what I wanted to no avail. I searched Nairaland fruitlessly and I tweaked the settings on my phone more times than I care to mention.

Then finally, just as I had lost hope, I found, right at the bottom of a conversation thread on some obscure forum, some Zain internet settings. It said the settings were for Zain Zambia, but I tried it anyway and what do you know? It worked! Now in less than 12 hours I’ve used up 5 of my 100 megabytes of internet access, but I don’t care. I was victorious in my battle against Nigerian substandardness.

Anyway, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I was forced to so I thought I’d write out the internet settings for all the major Nigerian networks.


These were the first Zain settings I found but they didn’t work for me.

Wap Gateway IP:
Port: 8080 or 9201
Access point:
Username: wap
Password: wap
Authentication: normal

Some sites said that for internet settings rather than WAP settings, replace all the “WAP”s with “internet”s.

These were the settings that worked for me. I found them here, quite far down the conversation thread.

Internet Settings
Account Name = Zain Internet
Home Page:
IP Address = none (leave blank)
Port = none (leave blank)
Username = none (leave blank)
Password = none (leave blank)
Access Point Name (APN) = internet

WAP Settings
Account Name = Zain WAP
Home Page =
IP Address =
Port = 9201
Username = none (leave blank)
Password = none (leave blank)
Access Point Name (APN) = wap


# GPRS/3.5G Settings
# Account Name = MTN GPRS
# IP Address =
# Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML)
# Username = web
# Password = web
# Access Point Name (APN) =
# Domain =

MMS settings

* Account Name = MTN MMS
* Access Point Name (APN) =
* Service Centre Address =
* IP Address =
* Port = 9201 (for WAP) or 8080 (for HTML)
* Username = web
* Password = web
* Domain =


Homepage: []
Bearer: GPRS
Access Point (APN): glogwap
security: Unsecure
IP Address:
Username: wap
Password: wap


Internet Settings
• Account Name = Etisalat Internet
• Username = (Please leave it blank)
• Password = (Please leave it blank)
• Access Point Name (APN) = etisalat
• Home Page =

WAP Settings
• Account Name = Etisalat WAP
• IP Address =
• Port = 8080
• Username = (Please leave it blank)
• Password = (Please leave it blank)
• Access Point Name (APN) = etisalat
• Home Page =

MMS Settings
• Name of MMS service on the handset = Etisalat MMS
• MMS Gateway IP Address =
• Gateway Username = (Please leave it blank)
• Gateway Password = (Please leave it blank)
• MMS URL/Home page =
• Access Point Name (APN) = etisalat
• Port = 8080

Note that the Homepage is not a compulsory part of the settings. The companies just like to put their own website as the homepage as on most mobile phones, the homepage will automatically load once the browser is opened.

So there you have it. Happy browsing!

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