My inner-geek

Hey there.
I thought I’d try out WordPress mobile,, and do some mobile blogging to make me feel like some high-profile journalist.

Speaking of WordPress mobile, you can view the mobile version of this blog on your phones at I think it’s really good because it doesn’t force you to load the whole website on your phone (some phones can’t even load websites but only WAP sites!) and by the way, I’m yet to find the Blogspot equivalent.

I just realised that this post and the last have been about the internet. I’m currently writng another one about the internet and I promised to write one about mobile internet. Maybe my inner-geek, who is hidden deep, deep, deep down inside me, is trying to surface. Now I’m a boy who’s only experience of programming is writing # and @ before words on Twitter and I still don’t fully understand The Matrix films so I’m not quite sure whether that’s a good thing or not, but let’s see how it goes. Maybe I’ve been watching too much IT Crowd…

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