New Hollyoaks Opening Credits

“And now, here’s Hollyoaks. Notice anything different?” Said the continuity man on Channel 4 at 6:30 today.

“Ooooh, I bet there are new opening credits,” I thought.

Guess what? I was right – the media is so predictable.

All right, cockiness aside, I want to tell you about Hollyoaks’ new opening credits.

I’ve been a Hollyoaks fan for a few years now and it’s probably my favourite soap. Today, they debuted their new opening credits. They were really good and just like the previous ones, they portray youth, beauty, drama and glamour which, save for glamour, Hollyoaks usually delivers. What? I’m not being mean. It’s set in a village in Chester! How glamorous can it be? All right fine. They effected something similar to glamour when they were doing the whole Mitzeee/Heidi Costello fashion show stuff, but that’s as far as it got!

Anyway, I’m still undecided on which opening credits I prefer but I really do like the new ones. I especially like how everybody’s clip relates with their character e.g. wannabe model Mitzeee with diamonds or Irish crook Brendan with his ace of spades card. I especially liked Mercedes with her apple like in the Desperate Housewives title sequence.

Here’s a link to the new opening titles that was posted on Youtube by randomuser219 who is my new favourite person because he uploaded the video less than two hours after it was aired on TV. Now that’s dedication.

Unfortunately, the video has been blocked on YouTube but here’s a replacement. And now, back to the article…

I also like the music which is a variation of the previous music. I haven’t been a fan long enough to remember the old, old music very well but I heard it again today on Youtube.

For all you nostalgic fans, here’s a video of the old and the old, old title sequence. The old one (not the old, old one) debuted in 2007 and have been tweaked a few times since then so what’s here may not be exactly what you’re used to.

The new ident (the little clip that shows the name of the show before and after advert breaks) however is rubbish. It’s just the Hollyoaks logo on an ugly pink and blue background. Before that, it was the logo in black and white, and before that, they’d have a black and white clip of a character behind the logo.

Unfortunately, today’s episode of the “Holy Oak” was not as good as it’s titles. It revolved around the new college entrants like on the (rubbish) 6-part, online spin-off “Freshers”. It wasn’t that bad but I think it kind of lacked a storyline as not that much really happened (except Leanne’s inexplicable kiss with Doug). Also, the return of a character who claimed to be an alien just irritated me and Doug’s American accent (which may be real) sounded forced and stereotyped.

Hollyoaks is on every weekday and they can’t be expected to maintain perfect storylines all the time so I’m just going to assume this was an off day for them and hope it gets better in the future.

P.S. For more Hollyoaks news, check out the official website here or this fansite.

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