Flicks on the Net

As anyone who follows me on Twitter will know, I recently got a Netflix account (it’s all I tweet about; I don’t have a life). The thought of a 30 day free trial was too tempting an offer for me refuse as I didn’t want to have to spend the summer holidays interacting with human beings. I was a little bit wary about starting the free trial because I joined Lovefilm in 2011 under similar circumstances (planning to exploit the free trial and get the hell out) and ended up staying with Lovefilm for two years. “Well, well, well,” I imagine them sneering. “It looks like the exploiter has become the exploitee!” *manic laugh* To be fair to Lovefilm, I did enjoy their service while I was using it (and probably will rejoin at some point) but I fancied trying out the selection on Netflix and I didn’t want to have to pay for it.

“So what’s the verdict, Edi?” I hear you scream, sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting with bated breath and any number of other clichéd idioms. I absolutely love Netflix! I feel like it’s got a wider and more recent selection of content to stream than Netflix, but I don’t know how true that is. It may just seem new to me as I’ve never had Netflix before. I’ve watched a few films, but I’ve mostly been binge-watching comedy series (“Arrested Development” is my current favourite). I’ve read articles about how services like Netflix are changing the way we watch television and I have to agree. We’re all “I’m not gonna wait till next week to watch the next episode like we did in the noughties. This is 2013, I’m going to watch all five series in three days. That’s just how we roll in this decade.”

I haven’t watched any of the original Netflix content like the Kevin Spacey led “House of Cards” and I’m still on series two of “Arrested Development”, so I’m yet to reach the Netflix produced season four, but trust me, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting with bated breath.

Speaking of original content, I read somewhere that Amazon (who own Lovefilm and are producing their own shows too) will not follow the Netflix binge model when releasing their shows, which is a shame because waiting to watch TV is so last decade. I did enjoy watching the pilots that they made though, and was quite disappointed that my favourite, “Supanatural” (a hilarious animation about two sassy ghetto divas who essentially have the same job as Indiana Jones) was not chosen to be made into a full series. It literally had me rolling on the floor laughing; one of the few times the slang ROFL would actually be an accurate description of what I was doing. The ones that have been voted in are “Alpha Team” – John Goodman stars in a political comedy about four inept Republican senators. Haha republicans are funny etc – and “Betas” – some nerds come up with what could be the next big app and try to get it financed. Think “The Social Network” crossed with “The Big Bang Theory”. Haha nerds are awkward etc. I quite enjoyed both shows (the former more than the latter) but they weren’t my favourite of the pilots. Also, is it just me who’s noticed the similarity in the titles of the shows? “Alpha Team” and “Betas”…. Alpha, Beta…..

All in all, I’m absolutely loving Netflix and I might post a few reviews of the things I watch. I can tell you’re all siiting on the edge of your seats, waiting with baited breath.

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