Spring outfit

Spring is here! Hurrah!

As we start to put the thick coats away and dust off the sunglasses, the unmistakable feeling of spring and, dare I say it, even summer is in the air.

However, living in England, we all know that the mere fact that it’s spring or summer doesn’t guarantee, or even really suggest, that it’s going to be warm. We’ve all fallen prey to the tricks of the sun, tempting us to go out in a t-shirt when it’s a lot colder than it looks. So here’s a spring outfit that’s not too… naïve, shall we say.

Let’s start this one off with the plain white tee. There’s not really much to say about this classic. Despite being commonly worn as an undershirt, a well-fitting white t-shirt brings an air of simple style.


On it’s own, a white tee can look pretty boring and plain so we’re going to jazz it up with more layers. And what’s more jazzy than a floral shirt? Nothing, that’s what…. well maybe a saxophone. This is a short sleeve shirt with a floral pattern that I got for a couple of quid in Primark. Prints are always quite popular in spring, especially floral patterns, and printed shirts have been quite popular for a couple of years now. I’ve gone for this one with quite small flowers on it but if you’re feeling a little braver, you can choose one with bigger flowery  patterns on them like a Hawaiian  shirt. If flowers are a little too feminine for you then you can buy a gun and/or an overpriced sports car. Alternatively, you can go for a different pattern. Check or polka dots or paisley would all work just as well.


These are some pretty plain mid-wash skinny jeans so to make them a little more special, I’ve rolled up the hems a couple of times. I’ve gone for quite small tight rolls, but play around with it and see how you like it.



On top of everything is this navy blazer. It’s quite thin so it’s good for spring/summer. Wearing the blazer obviously covers the shirt up so the (some would say) obnoxious pattern isn’t so in your face. This is a nice trick or people who might not be confident enough to wear bright colours or patterns too ostentatiously. Here it’s just a small touch of colour/pattern which gives the otherwise simple look a pizazz, making it look like you know what you’re doing. I like to roll up the sleeves of the jacket so everyone knows that I’m fun. I can be fun. Sometimes. Putting in a blazer gives it a little touch of formal style which I like because it gives off a kind of ‘work hard, play hard’ vibe. Look, I’m wearing a blazer in an informal style. I’m so crazy and fun! Seriously though, I think it’s pretty cool to mix in a little formal into a casual outfit and vice-versa.


And finally, simple plimsolls like this finish off the look. If you’re feeling a bit more brash, go for some retro hightop sneakers. Very cool. I almost wrote “cool dude”. I’m becoming my mother. Help.


I think it’s safe to say these shoes have seen better days.


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