I’m running for election in my university student union at the University of York! It’s like being in an Armando Iannucci show. Here’s my campaign profile:


I’m Edi and I’d love to be your next Welfare and Community officer.

I’m a third year Sociology student and former Langwith Student Association Welfare officer. I’ve also been on the Christian Union Events Week committee two years in a row, and helped organise the recent ‘Something More’ week which was attended by over 1500 throughout the week. I’m really friendly and approachable and I love meeting new people.

All in all, when it comes to Welfare and Community, The Only Way is Edi! Add me on Twitter here, Facebook here and snapchat at: TheOnlyWayIsEdi

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Here’s my manifesto:


I want to help students get better at looking after themselves by:

  • Shifting students’ focus to being healthy and successful, rather than just crisis management
  • Making it easier and clearer to know how and when to seek support and guidance through appropriate channels (even if it’s just the support of friends!)
  • Working with the Student Support hub, college welfare teams, JCRCs/SAs and societies. We have so many forms of support and I want us to make the best use of them.
  • Providing extra support for students with responsibilities during high stress periods


I want to continue to make campus a safe, comfortable and convenient place to be:

  • Support for Nightsafe and similar services provided by local groups and the council
  • Providing food and snacks on campus during high stress times
  • Things like campus lockers have worked well. I want to do more. I’ll be looking at increasing access to microwaves and kettles on campus


We all live in York, but we don’t necessarily engage with the city:

  • Increasing students’ integration with the city e.g. through volunteering
  • Showcasing the great academic and non-academic work students do through e.g. festivals
  • Build up the reputation of students and have a better relationship with residents


I want to encourage diversity in student leadership by:

  • Working with the liberation networks and societies to encourage, empower and train minorities for leadership in societies, JCRCs/SAs, YUSU etc.
  • Continuing to celebrate diversity through campaigns and events like Black History Month, LGBTQ history month etc


I want to enhance  the college welfare system by:

  • Providing targeted support and training for welfare officers
  • Making the role clearer and more consistent throughout the colleges

Well done if you made it through all of that! *applauds*

Now don’t forget to vote!!


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