Things I’ve Learnt Over the Last Month Volume IV

It’s been a while. Here are some more musings from yours truly:

  • After 4 years, I finally like beer, and as such, have finally become a real man. And as such, have retrogressed several evolutionary stages.
  • Always be as nice as possible to everyone you meet. This great guy I know put it like this. Aside from moral reasons, you’ll honestly be surprised at when/how you get paid back.
  • It’s ok to fail. It’s ok. Honestly.
  • (But don’t take the piss.)
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Friends and family are indispensable.
  • Netflix make some of the best TV. Good on them.
  • Netflix will ruin ambitions and your social life. Don’t do it, kids.
  • I was going to write something about procrastination, but I’ll do it later….
  • Three years can go by in what feels like weeks, but a three hour lecture can feel like several lifetimes.
  • Barbers don’t listen. But, to be fair, they know what they’re doing.
  • Having had my last ever lecture, I aim to never learn anything ever again. So I’m afraid this will be the last of these ‘Things I’ve Learnt’ posts.
  • Kidding. Obviously you never stop learning. And my lectures taught me very little anyway. If anything, I’ll probably learn more now.

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