Looking for a good time, sailor?

It’s been a hot couple of weeks here in England. Finally our prayers have been answered and the sun is shining. And of course, we’re responding to it in typically British fashion: by complaining. It’s too hot, it’s too humid, I’ve died of dehydration and vultures are picking at my lifeless carcass. Quit your moaning, guys. Let’s just enjoy it while it lasts, eh? To quote Peter Kay’s response to sunshine complainers, “Have a Solero and shut the *bleep* up!”

I, for one, am loving this heatwave, but I suspect that’s because I’ve spent most of it indoors watching Netflix. If you’re anything like me then, you’re in need of a summer outfit for the odd occasions when you have reason to leave the house. Something that says, ‘this definitely isn’t the first time I’ve been outside this month and this sunshine definitely isn’t burning me with the white hot intensity of one million furnaces’. And if you’re anything like me, you also want an outfit that’s cool in both senses of the word.

Well don’t worry, friends, here’s an outfit that is as cool than several chilled cucumbers. This is a great summer outfit that keeps the heat away and looks good too. England’s gping through something of a tropical heatwave so I shot the photos for this in the most tropical location I could find. My back garden.

This outfit has quite a nautical feel to it, hence the questionable title of this post. They came to a seafaring sartorial climax a couple of years ago, but nautical styles are never really out of fashion. Just ask James Dean. Or the Village People.


Let’s start off with the sailor’s classic: the Breton striped tee shirt. These are available pretty much anywhere, especially in the summer. This one is blue with thin white stripes but the inverse would work just as well, as would  equally thick blue and white stripes.


Next we’ve got some white denim shorts. These were once cheap but ill-fitting white jeans so I cut them off at the knees and rolled up the hems a couple of times. No sewing required! Khaki shorts (not the cargo kind) would work just as well here. Or a bright colour if you’re feeling adventurous.


In case it gets chilly, which it almost always does, I’ve got this cosy waffle knit jumper to get me through the breezy evenings. I like a  comfy baggy style so I went for an XXL when I usually wear a medium. This makes it quite large on me, but I like it snuggling up in the excess material. If you prefer a more fitted style, pleasse go for your actual size! If you’re feeling exceptionally preppy, drape the jumper over your shoulders and tie the sleeves together around your neck. You’ll look like the illegitimate lovechild of Ralph Lauren and Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince, but it’s a strong look.

Remember back in 2011 when all the boys would wear boat shoes, polo shirts and drop-crotch cuffed chinos with greasy ‘wet look’ hair gel? Good times.

Following the navy blue theme of the outfit, I’ve gone for this sort of hybrid between canvass plimsolls and boat/deck shoes. You might notice the touch of Breton stripes inside the shoes. It’s the little things. Ordinary, non-mutant plimsolls would also be more than acceptable for this look or, if you want to add a touch of formal, go for some nice  brogues in brown or beige.


Finally, this pair of tortoiseshell keyhole sunglasses tops the look off. Different face shapes will suit different sungalsses so go with what works best for you. Classic aviators or wayfarers work just as well, especially if they’re in a preppy tortoiseshell pattern.



And there you have it. Nautical inspired, cool summer outfit. You’re welcome.

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