Think Pink

Remember the times when wearing pink as a man meant you must be a New Man or a metrosexual? I don’t because I was either unborn or barely sentient at the time.

Oh to be a millennial. I mean, we’re saddled with student debt and probably will never own homes, but at least we can wear pink with impunity.

Worth it.

Jokes aside, various shades of pink have been popping up everywhere in menswear recently so I thought I’d do a look to reflect this.

Over the last year grungy neutral colours (browns, beiges, creams) have dominated street wear. As can be said for many things, I blame Kanye West. Dusty pinks however have really  been a standout from these neutrals and walking into Topman nowadays is like visiting Barbie’s dream house.

Much as I’m into pink, it’s worth being careful not to overdo it. You don’t want look like Jigglypuff. Anyway, here’s my take.

Let’s start off with this plain pink tee. I usually wear a medium but went for a large as it was all that the shop had left. Luckily, I quite prefer the skater-esque slightly oversized look. That said, it’s up to you how snug you like it.

As the weather seems to be holding out, much to everyone’s surprise, I’ve got my legs out. These plain grey shorts butch up the pink tee a little bit, much like the packaging of this “volcanic” men’s face wash. In colder weather, try black or grey jeans.

Chuck a dark bomber jacket on top to finish off the look. I like this black souvenir-style embroidered one from

Finally I’ve added some shades, sporty socks, and my favourite cap as the cherries on top. And on my face and feet.

Just a word of advice: this look looks best on Wednesdays.

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