It’s officially Christmastime! To be fair, I work in retail where it’s been Christmas since mid-August, but now it’s for real! It’s odd because I’m not usually this excited for it, but this year, something is stirring within me, bringing a new wave of seasonal glee that I haven’t felt since I was but a young boy.

To mark this, I thought I’d do something for advent.

So instead of eating a morsel of poorly made synthetic chocolate every day, I’m going to (try to) post a Christmas song – carol or otherise – that I enjoy. You can follow along on Twiter at #EdisXmasCountdown and when I can (hopefully at the end of each week), I’ll post an update here with a little more about the songs.

But to start us off, here’s Day 1.


1st December

A Light Has Dawned – Belfrey Music ft. Will & Mim Johnson

You don’t really hear many new carols these days.

Sure, there are a plethora of Christmas songs released every year by artists who are after the never-ending royalties that a yuletide classic brings. But these are all jingle bell-laden ditties about waiting for your partner to come home or kissing them under the mistletoe, filled with cliches and poorly veiled innuendo. Don’t worry, you can look forward to seeing many of those songs later in the countdown. But today’s song is different.

Anyway, last year, some good friends of mine wrote and produced A Light Has Dawned – a modern Christmas song that is actually about Christmas. You know, Jesus and stuff. It’s basically the nativity in song form. In fact, at a huge carol service last year, I saw a modern nativity scene acted out to this track so it really is a modern carol. It’s truly a beautiful song and I especially love the hamronies.

Give it a listen here.

And let’s get ready for Christmas!  25 more sleeps.



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